Charting Indirect FM Meter Reading Range for -10 to + 5% of TPO  
Input Data                    
Station TPO kW This is your calculated transmitter out put power        
Efficiency Factor % This is from the factory test data or published efficiency factor chart     SOB
Plate voltage V This is normal plate voltage (as shown on the factory test data)      
Plate Volts Steps V This is the expected variation in plate voltage at the station site      
Calls   The green field yields 100% licensed TPO          
    Plate Volts  
Power Out TPO Watts  
90% TPO  
91% TPO  
92% TPO  
93% TPO P
94% TPO L
95% TPO A
96% TPO T
97% TPO E
98% TPO  
99% TPO A
100% TPO M
101% TPO P
102% TPO S
103% TPO  
104% TPO  
105% TPO  
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Indirect Transmitter Output Power Chart
  kW TPO For   PA Effiency %        
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