RF Spec Group.jpg                  
Bazooka Feed for AM/FM Tower:          
Inputs (TAB after each):                
Calls     Coax Type  F5:F26 Butterfly Space Hoist Ground      
AM Frequency kHz                    
FM Coax Length On Tower Ft. from tower base to antenna input                     
FM Coax Size                      
Tower Leg OD      Inches                    
Height of your tower Ft.                    
What's Needed and Test for enough room on tower:                    
1/4 Wave Height Ft                  
Hanger Spacing Ft                    
How Many Hangers   Note they come 10 to a box                  
Hanger To Tower Adaptor                    
How Many Adaptors   Note they come 10 to a box                  
Hardware #                  
How Many Hardware Sets                  
Insulator #                    
How many Insulators                    
Hoist Grip                    
How Many Hoist Grips                  
Ground Kit                    
How Many Ground Kits         Plus those for horizontal run                  
Note the input to your FM antenna will be down from the top. That distance must be more than the 1/4λ height.                  
Provided by RF Specialties who is not responsible for errors of any kind                  
          Leg OD F30:F34 AND RFS          
      Testing for AND or RFS          
      Hardware 31769-5 915-006        
      Testing for AND or RFS    
      Diff 1/4 tower and coax on tower    
      70214 Meister Insulator w/ 3/8" thread    
      Hoist Grip  5:26        
      Ground  5:26        

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