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  1. Estimate the required TPO (Transmitter output power) for a given antenna and coax run
  2. Estimate the required TPO (Transmitter outputpower) for a given coax run and antenna with Beam Tilt
  3. Compare several HD™ Configurations (TPO estimates)
  4. Print an Plate Volts vs. Amps for Indirect Power Calculation (FM)
  5. Will an AM-FM bazooka section work in lieu of an isocoupler
  6. Will a given coax size support the desired TPO's
  7. What is the Earth Curvature over shoot and is beam tilt needed
  8. What size dehydrator is needed
  9. How to convert from dBi to dBd
  10. Conversions among units of measurements
  11. 950 MHz STL path (losses and gains)
  12. Fresnel Plotting (Flash in your browser needed)
  13. How many BTU's are generated by a filter at a given RF power
  14. Convert (a filter) dB insertion loss to efficiency (%)
  15. How much loss is there from coupling between antennas (antennas above/below on tower or from tower to tower at same height)
  16. Decimal to Sexagesimal Conversion for Latitude and Longitude
  17. How many miles to the antenna's first null
  18. Convert between mV/M and dBu
  19. Figure the frequencies for Inter Modulation Products
  20. Values for "T" or  "Pi" resitive pads
  21. Create a Resistor Value from your junque box
  22. Convert between Return Loss and VSWR
  23. Calculate VSWR from forward and reverse powers
  24. How much does rigid line length change for a given temperature change
  25. Starting point for the AM ball gap setting
  26. Convert FCC Channel Number to frequency
  27. What size PVC conduit is needed for a given bundel of wires
  28. Convert English - Metric Bolt Sizes
  29. Convert Cricket Chirps to temperature
  30. Chart of Coax Power Ratings for FM to check against your TPO, allows for VSWR up to 1.3:1
  31. Figure ERP (for stations out side the USA) given TPO and coax losses

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