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Intermodulation Products
Input F1 Place highest at top  
Input F2  
Input F3  
Two Stations Note   Three Stations Note
Classification FREQ   Classification FREQ  
2nd Order  
3rd Order FREQ   3rd Order FREQ  
5th Order   5th Order
7th Order   7th Order
Note: IM products can be minimized by use of band pass filters, isolators, notch filters and/or band-pass/band-reject filters.
Even order products are blocked by the transmitter low pass filter. Also the transmitting antenna has some out of band
attenuation of the frequencies coming back into the transmitter as received by the antenna plus any products produced in the
transmitter are also attenuated.  
Testing: insert an attenuator at the receiver input with the issue (like 10 dB). If the signal is reduced by 10 dB, the IM is generated 
out side of the receiver. If the signal is reduced by more than 10 dB, the IM is generated in the receiver.  If it is weakened 
10-30 dB the IM is both in the receiver and an outside source.    
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