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950 MHz. STL Path Study    
Input to White Cells. TAB to next Cell. Antenna Types are pull downs, choose closest to your need. Coax Types are pull downs. Length is in feet. Coax Losses based on 950 MHz. The RED Cells show answers rounded to 2 places.    
Dish Size gain dBd    
STL Transmitter Power Watts              
Frequency MHz                
Path Length Miles            
Antenna #1 Type ft.            
Antenna #1 Gain dBd            
Antenna #2 Type ft.            
Antenna #2 Gain dBd            
Coax #1 Type        #1 #2    
Coax #1 Length ft.       1.119        
Coax #2 Type         0.67        
Coax #2 Length ft.       2.24        
Coax Run #1 Loss dBd       1.17        
Coax Run #2 Loss dBd       2.75        
Path Loss dBd       1.25        
Receiver Signal dBd       2.15        
Receiver Signal uV/M       1.11        
Fresnel Radius ft.       4.125        
Provided by RF Specialties. Not responsible for errors of any kind.     3.7        

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